Pastoral Team


Pastor Laurie and "Mr. Pastor" (Vic)

Pastor Laurie and Vic ("Mr. Pastor") Smith surrendered their lives to full-time pastoring on January 4th, 2014. They had previously team-led a recovery group called “Bondage Breakers” for eight years and saw many men and women delivered and set free. They have also served the Body of Christ through various community outreach programs anywhere God has led them.

Pastor Laurie graduated from Covenant Bible College and Seminary in 2006 and has served as founder of In Need Christian Counseling for the last eighteen years. She still actively counsels weekly as a Faith-Based Christian Counselor, a Restorative Therapist, a Life Coach Trainer, and a Surrendering the Secret Coach. Counseling has led to many salvations and changed lives for God’s kingdom. She also serves as founder for In Need Ministries. Pastor has taught many Bible Studies over the years to both men and women. She loves scripture and discipling others in how it applies their lives. She loves hosting the annual “Renovare’ Crystal Beach Revival with Pastor friends and other team members.

Mr. Pastor (Vic) is a very busy guy who helps care for the Body of Christ tirelessly, no matter what the need may be. He serves as ”Chief Cook” for most CWW outreach ministries.   He is is also Pastor Laurie's "Silver Fox" and right-hand man! Together, they make an annual trip to Roatan, Honduras, with a team for a medical mission and to bring revival to the people of Roatan. They have both served the Golden Triangle Emmaus Community since 1997 and continue to wholeheartedly support the Walk to Emmaus weekends and servants. They have two sons, two adopted daughters, and eleven grandchildren--comprising a family they "love big." Their lives' greatest joy has been serving the Body of Christ.
If you are looking for a place to plug in, they want and need you to join them in Kingdom Building!

Next Steps...

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